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Sara looked up, her expression remaining neutral. Catherine hesitated on the fringe of the locker room. "You said anything you wanted to say to me would--"

"--would be in private. Yeah." Sara glanced around the small room, noting the presence of several onlookers behind Catherine. "This isn't exactly private."

"Want to get a beer? We can talk." Her words were hesitant, and an unwitting nod to ghosts of years past. Of course, the last time they had been uttered had been at Sara's pain, not Catherine's. A subtle difference, yet no difference at all.

"Not really," she said quietly. "And...I'm not ready to talk yet."

There was pain in Catherine's eyes, pain that would have, under other circumstances, made Sara relent.

Not this time.

She didn't trust easily. She never had. The fact that she and Grissom had managed to salvage such a good friendship from a bond so thoroughly destroyed a few years earlier was persistent testimony that trust could be kept even in the face of apparent betrayal.

But Catherine wasn't Grissom, and didn't have the excuse of pleading obliviousness. She should have trusted her team. Keppler was a stranger and expecting such consideration from him wouldn't have been realistic.

Nick's words echoed in Sara's mind. We trust you with our lives. You could have trusted us with this.

"Find me when you are?" The question abruptly brought Sara back to the present.

She offered Catherine a faint smile, surprised to find the tight knot of pain easing the slightest bit. "I will."


But for now, she planned to grab her jacket and get some sleep after taking care of one errand. She slipped back into Grissom's office and returned the key to his desk drawer, ignoring the brown package on the surface of the desk. It can wait.

It all can wait.
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