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"Mitchell, I'm not going to ask you again where you put your son," Sara said flatly, closing the casefile and standing up from the interrogation table. "Enjoy your time in lock-up; the other felons don't look too kindly on people who harm children."

She watched the blood drain from the man's face, his shoulders slumping in defeat. "Wait--he's---"

An officer opened the door at that moment. "We found the boy. He's alive."

"Impossible!" Mitchell said, sitting straight up. "He was---"

"Do continue for this outstanding officer," Sara said softly, heading toward the door. "It might enable your release in time to collect your Social Security benefits."


"Want to grab a beer?" Warrick asked, not liking the tension in his coworker's frame.

"Not really," Sara said absently, rubbing the back of her neck. "I can't believe....he did that for the hell of it."

"Thought you said that people never ceased to amaze you," Warrick teased cautiously.

"I wish they would," she said softly, walking out of the locker room. "I really wish they would."

"Seriously, Sara. Come out with Nick and me tonight."

She shook her head, continuing on down the hall. "Got too much to do. Cases to wrap up and all..."

"Never thought I'd say this, but I'm really going to miss you," Warrick said softly.

Sara squeezed his shoulder softly. "You'll be fine. I won't disappear completely."

"Better not, girl. Bad enough you won't even let us attend your wedding--"

"I know my friends way too well, 'Rick."

"........guess you do."
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