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Name:Sara Sidle
Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:United States of America
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.

My name is Sara Sidle. For almost seven years, I worked at the Las Vegas crime lab. Now I am married to [info]bohemian_mark, the love of my life, and I work at the Manhattan crime lab in his universe.

Seven years in my past.

It's a complicated story.

- [info]firestar28

Milliways/Outside Inn Canon: Sara Sidle is a tall, thin woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her top front teeth have a small gap between them, known as a diastema. On her right ankle is a small tattoo of the Greek letter sigma. The other tattoo will only be seen by select people. She is considered to be attractive by her coworkers, and has a ready smile. Due to the dangerous nature of her work with the Las Vegas Crime Lab, she carries a gun with her at all times, and is proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

**She still carries the gun and is proficient in combat. However, she has been fired from the crime lab (Official reason: Ecklie claimed that there were budget cuts) and now stays at the bar most of the time.**

She returned to the Las Vegas lab.

As of Jack Green and Gil Grissom's wedding, this Sara Sidle can be considered separate from pure canon. Namely--she and Gil Grissom are not in a romantic relationship, nor have they ever been in one.

As of this post, she is completely AU from further CSI canon. She is also RETIRED from [info]milliways_bar.

Her childhood was unstable, with extreme domestic abuse. It culminated with her witnessing her mother murder her father and then be sent to prison for the crime. Her past has left a tangible mark on her. Though she uses her experiences to fight that much harder in the crimes she investigates, there are times when she cannot separate the past from the present.

She counts among her family the following: [info]dnaromantic, [info]elrond_healer, [info]the_silver_lady[info]saint_aequitas, [info]saint_veritas, [info], [info]guppy_sandhu, and [info]the_antiangst. [info]csi_catherine, [info]inquisitivehero, [info]gris_bug_man and [info]jack_inthegreen are beyond family for her.

She was in a relationship with [info]silverageflash, but he has left the Bar. She is still mourning that loss, though she is now moving on with [info]bohemian_mark. They will marry at the end of March.

In short, she's fiercely intelligent, very protective, and does not quite understand that she should value her own life as highly as she values others'.

Otherways-Canon: Sara Sidle is a tall, thin woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She answered Gil Grissom's request for an independent investigator after the Gribbs' murder, but did not remain in Las Vegas. That was a consequence of a failed relationship between the two. She had become pregnant because of Grissom, and miscarried in her sixth month. He (dividing his time as a consultant for various labs) was not aware of the pregnancy at the time, but gave no support when she told him after the fact.

She stayed with the San Francisco Crime Lab and her skills brought it ahead of the Vegas Crime Lab, before she was killed in a drive by shooting at a crime scene. She has been in Milliways since her death in 2004.

Ironically, her death occcurred on her birthday.

As of this series of threads, Sara has saved her own life without splitting her timeline. It is September 16, 2004 outside the Bar for her.

She is engaged to [info]saint_aequitas.

As of this thread, Sara is Head Bartender.

Any journal entries dealing with Otherways or Outside Inn will be noted in the subject line. All others are Milliways.

Outside Inn room description can be found here. Sara's backstory for that game is strictly Milliways.

Disclaimer: This journal is part of the RPGs [info]outsideinn, [info]chaotic_motion, [info]milliways_bar, and [info]otherways. It is not associated with CBS or the television show CSI. No copyright infringement is intended.
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