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Mark wasn't one to appreciate things. He had given Sara no single gift for her birthday--instead, he took her to Paris.

Sara didn't have such an elaborate scheme in mind. The surprise party would certainly take care of that, and undoubtedly go off without him being none the wiser, considering his mind was so thoroughly occupied with the Moving Pictures premiere.

Instead, Sara planned that they would have a quiet day. A day in which she would take every opportunity to tell him that she loved him.

He needed to hear it as much as she needed to say it.

She doubted he would have any objections. The t-shirt really was just a bonus.

OOM: Paris

Sep. 17th, 2006 03:24 pm
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Sara normally hated shopping. She didn't like dealing with other people, and she certainly didn't like the tedium of searching for whatever it was that she needed. Clothes shopping was the worst. She was naturally thin and store clerks would often point her out as an example of what women were supposed to look like.

(She did enjoy bursting those bubbles whenever she could.)

But since she and Mark were in Paris, she felt that not taking advantage of the stores and boutiques would be wasteful.

She didn't plan on buying any clothing. Maybe souvenirs for friends back in the Bar or in Vegas.

But she had found it. Something that made her break her own rule.

"What've you got there?" Mark asked her, peering at the box in her arms.

"I'll show you." She disappeared for a few minutes, taking the time to brush her hair, put on a slight hint of makeup.

And she stood at the door, one arm resting against it. "Like it?"

Mark was silent.

"If not, I could always take it back--"

Emphatic head-shaking.

"You do like it."

Emphatic nodding.

"Would it be better like...this?" Brushing against him.

Time passed without conscious thought. Then, a soft, slow, lazy voice spoke.

"Guess that's a yes."
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It might be September, but there is little danger of getting cold in Las Vegas.

The city never sleeps, and neither do the various branches of law enforcement.

The lab is busy when Sara and Mark walk in through the door--Swing shift is leaving and Night shift is about to begin.

Music is playing, an old song by The Who. The atmosphere isn't tense, indicating that there are no pressing cases.

Just another night in Vegas.


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