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Sara is tired.

Tired of ruining lives as often as saving them.

Tired of remaining strong while everyone else seems to have the luxury of collapsing.

Tired of adhering to the rules when all she'd really wanted to do was punch Benny in the mouth.

She climbs the stairs, and even finds herself tired of them. One foot in front of the other and still not going anywhere. All she wants to do is sleep and forget for a time the existence of free will, and all of its consequences.

Mark is in her room, on her bed, shoes kicked off. He extends an arm to her.

Without a word, she kicks off her shoes and curls against him.

Can't get tired of this.

A muted question is murmured against her neck. She shakes her head, curling in even tighter.

Won't get tired of this.
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The first picture shows Mark hiding behind Angel, his Yoda pajamas sticking out and his small hands clutching at one of Angel's legs.

The second shows Angel laughing and trying to coax him out.

The third is blurry, showing another small figure grasping Mark's arm and beginning to pull.

The fourth, very clear, shows Mark and little Sara crowded on either side of Angel's lap. Sara is beaming widely and Mark is grinning bashfully, pizza sauce on his chin.

Another picture is focused on Collins. He has Sara sitting on one knee and Mark on the other, and both children are clearly enthralled with whatever he is saying.

The next picture shows Sara making a face and Mark grinning hugely. Whatever is being said is clearly gross.

Three other pictures are also blurry, showing the two kids engaged in a tug-of-war over the stuffed Wookie, from which Sara is the clear winner.

The last is one neither Angel nor Collins took--possibly it was done by Bar. Sara is leaning against Collins' side, and Mark is on Angel's lap. Both children are asleep.
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"Please." The word is a whimper. Sara turns restlessly, bumping into Mark.


"Don't leave me--no, it wasn't me I swear it wasn't me..." Her body trembles, sweat gathering on her forehead.


"Mark, no Mark I love you I need you please......"

Her hand reaches out, seeking someone, anyone, finding only solitude, though he is beside her.

She cries, still caught in the dream, in the nightmare, in the reality she still believes she will see.
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While in Santa Fe, Sara took off her watch. Such might not seem like a big thing to anyone who did not know her well. For the first time in her life, she was not concerned about the time, or what agenda was in store for her.

She relaxed, sitting on the balcony of Mark's hotel room, turning her face up to catch the rays of the sun.

She explored, wandering around the hiking trails, admiring the desolate beauty climate and time had brought to the place.

Mark had cajoled her into appearing in several scenes, mostly by not telling her she was being filmed until after the fact. The crew, at first highly amused to see their director acting like a schoolboy, soon grew used to having Sara around. The discovery of a meat sandwich on her tray in the cafeteria told her that she was seen as one of the crew. The demonstration of her forensic techniques and Adam subsequently being dyed an alarming shade of pink quickly taught the others that she wasn't a member of the crew to be pranked.

All in all, she enjoyed her time in Santa Fe. Not for the movie, the scenery, or the lack of work, though those were certainly bonuses. She enjoyed the sound of Mark breathing beside her, his hand on her shoulder, a kiss brushed to her cheek before he rushed off to continue his work.

A new kind of normal. A kind that she could easily get used to.
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They are still kissing even as they walk in the door.

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