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Her cell phone rings while she's trying rearrange her living room.


This is Dr. Haneka at Desert Palms. Your second test has been processed. Would you like the results now?

"I'll be there to pick them up."

Very well, Ms. Sidle. See you shortly.

Results )
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She had spent uncounted hours pouring over the casefiles, something nagging at the back of her mind.

She had finally returned to the photographs of the names scrawled behind each victim.

And something caught her eye. Susan Anderson. Alexandra Morris. Richard Brown. Andrew Thompson.

Has to be my imagination. Flaw in the film.

Wouldn't hurt to double check and she made a quick call to Grissom. "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

His voice, distorted by the medium, sounded shaken. "Sara, turn to the next set."

Stephanie Brown. Ian Somerson. Daniel Harris. Luke Perryton. Erica Green.

"Get to the lab. NOW!"

She stood, pushing her phone into her pocket, and spun around to grab her kit.

And saw him.

He didn't look like a psycho, but they never did. His face was open and relaxed--one might have called it handsome at some point.

"I've been waiting for you, princess. At last, you see."

He moved faster than she expected, one hand clutching a rag. She swung the kit at him several times, getting in a few solid hits before the rag was finally clamped over her mouth.

The world went dark.

But the phone, the ringer turned off, was still in her pocket.
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It was unusual for a chosen companion to remain so oblivious to his overtures. She had been chosen as the one to reap the full implications of his work, her beauty and blood the final gloss to his art.

But she did not cooperate. Indeed, she often disappeared when he was prepared to bring her with him to his lair. He had the plans to her apartment complex, but those did not show the exit she used during those times.

He had sensed she was close to her breaking point, along with the pitiful minions with whom she worked. Naturally, she was far more affected by his actions than they would ever display. Heartless, callous, unfeeling. Such words could never be applied to her, his princess.

He looked over the displays, the scrawled writings on each wall. Susan Anderson. Alexandra Morris. Richard Brown. Andrew Thompson.

How could she not see him reaching out for her? She would have to be transformed, like the rest, to release her from her oblivious shell. Only then would she see him calling her name.

Stephanie Brown. Ian Somerson. Daniel Harris. Luke Perryton. Erica Green.

Only then would she find her place, body broken, eyes glazed with beauty and horror.


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