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There is no stereotypical marathon love-making. No whispered promises against heated skin, the softness of necks, the dip in collar bones.

Love breaks your heart

They don't speak of their past, their present, or the ever looming future.

Love takes no less than everything.

They drink champagne, resting against one another. Every now and then, Sara will look at Barry and see him smiling at her.

Love makes it hard.

She smiles back and oh, it hurts to know that smile will only be preserved in memory and photographs. It hurts to know she won't be able to walk down the Staff hall and see the lightning bolt as a homing beacon. It hurts knowing that the rock she had leaned upon would be no more.

And it fades away so easily...

"I love you, Sara," he whispers against her temple, lips brushing in a light kiss.

Love breaks the chains

"I love you, Barry," she whispers back, lightly bussing one of his cheeks. Their hands rest between them, entwined.

Love aches for every one of us

She closes her eyes, but knows sleep will not come this night for either of them.

Love takes the tears and the pain...

They lay in the semi-darkness, alternating between watching the shadows flicker on the wall, and each other. Cherishing each breath.

And turns it into the beauty that remains.


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